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Chauvin Arnoux MTX1052 SCOPEin@Box Digital Recorder Oscilloscope


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Another member of SCOPEin@BOX family, the Chauvin Arnoux MTX1052 2x 150MHz 200MS/s 9 bit USB/Ethernet is an oscilloscope that works via a direct link to your PC using a USB or Ethernet cable. With bandwidth of 150MHz and repetitive and equivalent-time sampling rates of 100GS/s and 200GS/s, this oscilloscope allows you to measure high frequencies with relative ease.

Rather than having a built-in display, the Chauvin Arnoux MTX1052 2x 150MHz 200MS/s 9 bit USB/Ethernet oscilloscope works by transferring curves directly to your PC, where you can view them on a high-resolution monitor to ensure a greater degree of accuracy. Here, you can take advantage of the multi-windowing function, which enables you to access a variety of data at the same time – including FFT analysis, the zoom of a particular curve, measurements and more.

To add to the aforementioned benefits, you can forget about concerns regarding storage space. Naturally, this will depend on how much free memory your PC has. Thus, this USB/Ethernet oscilloscope offers you an advantage over oscilloscopes with limited built-in memories, which can place restrictions on the number of recordings you can retain.

In addition to modes including Autorange and ROLL, there’s also a plethora of triggering options to be found on-board this oscilloscope, giving you greater control over the signal displayed on your PC screen. These options include pulse width, edge and edge with delay.

In design terms, this Chauvin Arnoux product is compact and easily portable, weighing just 1.8kg. It has two channels, and comes with two 200MHz, 300V probes. For peace of mind, this 150MHz oscilloscope has a three-year warranty attached to it.

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