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Chauvin Arnoux OX5042-CK Handscope Oscilloscope

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The Chauvin Arnoux OX5042-CK Handscope Oscilloscope is ideal for tough working situations as its exterior is completely protected and shockproof. And thanks to its ergonomic design, this oscilloscope fits comfortably in your palm, leaving your other hand free to do the operating. It also comes with a three-year standard manufacturer warranty.

Chauvin Arnoux has combined three different measuring instruments into this one handheld oscilloscope onto two completely isolated channels. These three instruments are an independent multimeter with 8000 count that takes measurements of power, a 31 order harmonic analyser that works between 40 and 450Hz, and a 40MHz oscilloscope.

A colour screen has also been equipped into this oscilloscope in order to precisely show you the data just collected. It is also backlit for when you are working in poorly-lit conditions. 

Multilingual help has also been integrated and made available at all times, to make this Chauvin Arnoux device simpler to use.

Data storage is possible with this handheld oscilloscope as 2MB of memory has been included. Also, when the device is working in multimeter mode, it is able to store a graphic recording of around 2,700 measurements for as little as five minutes or one month.

To make it easier for the Chauvin Arnoux OX5042-CK Handscope Oscilloscope to be programmed remotely, SX-METRO software is included as well as the SCPI protocol and an isolated USB communication system.

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