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Chauvin Arnoux OX530 Oscilloscope with 2 off 10:1 Probes

Chauvin Arnoux OX530 Oscilloscope with 2 off 10:1 Probes
sku: OX0530-S
MPN: OX0530-S

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  • Supplied with two 10:1 probes of 250 MHz bandwidth
  • Can be mounted on the wall or used as a hand-held unit
  • Analogue display using Philips tubes for long-lasting clarity 

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Chauvin Arnoux OX530 Oscilloscope with 2 off 10:1 Probes Details

The Chauvin Arnoux OX530 Oscilloscope with 2 off 10:1 Probes can take a maximum input of 420V, and is sensitive to between 5M/V and 20V/div. It has a bandwidth of 35MHz and can detect signals over two channels, with a maximum scanning speed of around 200 ms/div. It is also fitted with a 2 kV cathode ray tube.

Even today, digital oscilloscopes are unnecessary, as analogue oscilloscopes are equipped to deal with periodic signals, which make up 80% of the signals we deal with. The Chauvin Arnoux OX530 Oscilloscope may appear basic, but its simple-to-use layout is combined with a number of modern features, including a microprocessor control unit and video line counting technology.

This oscilloscope is very versatile, as you can use it as a handheld unit or, if you’d prefer, you can mount it on a wall. The wall mounts are not permanent, meaning you can still transport the unit easily. The unit measures 423 x 330 x 162 millimetres, and weighs a sturdy 5.5 kilograms.

The oscilloscope is fitted with a blue filter, and details on the screen (for example, graphs) are clearly displayed in white. The screen is protected against wear and continuous use thanks to its Philips tubes.

The unit is not battery-powered, and functions using a universal mains supply of between 94 and 264 volts. This model also comes with two 10:1 compact probes, with a bandwidth of 250 MHz and a capacitance of 14pF.

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Part Code: OX0530-S
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