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Chauvin Arnoux OX7204-CSD Handheld Oscilloscope: 200MHz


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Optimised for professional waveform monitoring, Chauvin Arnoux's OX7204 oscilloscope is portable, safe to use and comfortable to hold.

Made to the highest standards with 12 bit/1Gs/s converter, sampling rate of 60GS/s on period signals and with the ability to capture transients lasting 2ns or more, the Chauvin Arnoux OX7204 is great for gaining a detailed snapshot into what's happening within an electrical system

The OX7204-CSD is the highest-spec model in the OX series. It has bandwidth of 200MHz, four isolated channels and a dedicated multimeter mode for calculating AC/DC voltage, active power, PF, resistance, temperature, capacitance, frequency and diode.

It's also packed with a huge range of additional features including delay and counting mode for triggering, single click automatic measurements of all 19 signal parameters, MATH functions for each trace with vertical scaling and much more. The system is also designed to support several Chauvin Arnoux probes which can be plugged directly into the meter and used instantly with no setup required.

As standard this oscilloscope does not have recording or harmonic functions, but they are available as an option (please call us for more information).

Chauvin Arnoux OX7204-CSD Oscilloscope Key Features

  • 200MHz bandwidth
  • 4 isolated channels
  • Sampling rate of 2.5GS/s in one-shot mode and 50GS/s in ETS mode
  • Standard real-time FFT analysis and calculation functions on channels
  • Colour LCD touch screen
  • 33 direct-access keys and windows-like menu on screen
  • Probix plug and play input terminals and smart sensors
  • Multi-interface communication connectors: RS232, Centronics and ethernet
  • Large storage capacity on removable SD card
  • Web server with cursors and automatic measurements with FTP server/client

What's Included?

  • Chauvin Arnoux OX7204-CSD Oscilloscope
  • External Power Supply/Battery Charger
  • 9.6V / 3.8A/h NiMH Battery Pack
  • 1/10 Probix HX0030(A) Probe
  • Probix HX0031 BNC Adapter
  • Probix HX0033 4mm Banana Adapter
  • Set of 4mm Banana Leads
  • HX0040 Crossed-Ethernet Cable
  • Magnetic Stylus
  • Strap
  • Operating and Programming Manual on CD-ROM
  • Micro SD Card
  • SD Card Adapter
  • USB Cable
Part CodeOX7204-CSD

Chauvin Arnoux OX7204 Technical Specifications

Type of Display 5.7” colour or B&W LCD screen (depending on model) (115 x 86 mm) - 320 x 240 - CCFL backlighting (adjustable standby time)
or 5.7” colour (1) TFT LCD (115 x 86 mm) - 320 x 240 - LED backlighting (adjustable standby time)
Screen Commands Touch screen - “Windows-like” menus and graphic commands
Choice of Language Menus and online help in 5 languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian)
Oscilloscope Mode
Vertical Deflection  
Bandwidth 200MHz
15 MHz, 1.5MHz or 5kHz bandwidth limiter
Number of Channels 4 isolated channels
Vertical Sensitivty 16 calibres from 2.5 mV - 200 V/div and up to 156 μV/div in vertical zoom mode (12-bit converter) - Accuracy ± 1 %
Vertical Zoom “One Click Winzoom” system (12-bit converter and direct graphical zoom on screen) - x16 max.
Probe Factors 1 / 10 / 100 / 1,000 or any scaling - Definition of measurement unit
Horizontal Deflection  
Sweep Speed 35 calibres from 1 ns/div to 200 s/div., accuracy ± 0.1% - Roll mode from 100 ms to 200 s/div
Horizontal Zoom “One Click Winzoom” system (direct graphical zoom onscreen) - x 100 max
Mode On all channels: automatic, triggered, one-shot, auto level 50 %
Type Edge, pulse width (20 ns - 20 s), delay (120 ns to 20 s), counting (3 to 16,384 events),
TV frame or no. of lines (525 = NTSC or 625 = PAL/SECAM) - Continuous adjustment of Trigger position
On Measurement Window On one of the 16 automatic measurements - Acquisition and automatic storage of faults
Digital Memory  
Maximum Sampling Rate 50 GS/s in ETS mode - 2.5 GS/s (1) or 1 GS/s in one-shot mode (on each channel) - 12 bits (vertical resolution 0.025 %)
Memory Depth 2,500 points/channel and up to 50,000 points/channel with the “Extended Acquisition Memory” option
User Memory 2 MB for storing various types of files: trace, text, configuration, mathematical functions, print files, image files, etc.
+ large-capacity removable SD-Card (512 MB to 2 GB) for the OX7202 and OX7204
Glitch Modes and Averaging 2 ns Glitch Mode, Envelope Mode, Averaging (Factors 2 to 64), XY Mode
Other Functions  
FFT Analyser and MATH Functions FFT (Lin or Log) with measurement cursors - Functions: + , - , x , / and mathematical function editor
Cursors 2 or 3 cursors: simultaneous V and T or Phase - Resolution 12 bits, display 4 digits
Automatic Measurements 19 time or level measurements, Phase measurement - Resolution 12 bits, display 4 digits
Multimeter Mode
General Characteristics 2 or 4 channels - 8,000 counts max. + min/max bargraph - TRMS - Time/date-stamped graphic recording (5 min to 31 days)
AC, DC and AC/DC Voltages 300 mV to 600 VRMS, 400 mV to 800 VDC - VDC accuracy 0.5 % R + 5 D - bandwidth 200 kHz
Trigger on Measurement Window 2 or 4 monitored channels, parameterizable fault duration - Up to 100 time/date-stamped faults stored in a “.TXT” file
Active Power and PF Single-phase - Balanced three-phase (OX 7104) with or without neutral and using the 2-wattmeter method
Resistance 80 Ω to 32 MΩ - accuracy 0.5 %R + 25 D - 10 ms quick continuity test
Other Measurements Temperature (HX0035 = K TC, HX0036 = Pt 100) - Capacitance 5 nF to 5 mF - Frequency 200 kHz - Diode test 3.3 V
Harmonic Analyser Mode (Optional)
Multi-Channel Analysis 2 or 4 (depending on model), 61 orders, fundamental frequency from 40 to 450 Hz in auto or manual mode
Simultaneous Measurements (Voltage/Current) Total RMS value, THD and selected order (% fundamental, phase, frequency, RMS value
Single-Phase and Balanced Three-Phase Power Harmonic analysis on apparent power with “received/transmitted” indication for each order
Recorder Mode (Option)
Sampling Duration 2 s to 1 month / 800 μs to 18 min (40 μs to 53 s with the “Extended Memory Acquisition” option)
Recording Conditions On thresholds or window, simultaneous conditions on several channels, with parameterizable duration starting at 160 μs
Recording Analysis Scales and physical units, automatic or cursor measurements, time-stamped fault searching, zoom, etc.
General Specifications
Printing Network printer via 10 Mb Ethernet (standard), RS232 (standard) or Centronics (option)
PC Communication 10 Mb local Ethernet, RS 232 (max. 115 kbps) or USB (option) - “Sx-Metro” PC application software (option)
Network 10 Mb remote Ethernet, Web server (remote control, “real-time” trace, cursors and automatic measurements)
FTP server (file exchange with a PC), FTP client (storage on PC hard disk - unlimited)
Power Supply Mains power supply NiMh battery - Battery life up to 4 hrs - Adjustable standby function - Multi-voltage adapter/high-speed charger (standard)
98-264 V / 47-63 Hz / (15 W)
Safety/EMC Safety as per IEC 61010-1 (2001) - EMC as per EN61326-1 - 600 V CAT III
Mechanical Specifications 265 x 195 x 56 mm - 1.9 kg with batteries - Protection IP51 (IP41 for OX7104 and OX 7204)
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