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Dilog DL1093 Wall Scanner - Detects Studs, Metal & Cables

Dilog DL1093 Wall Scanner - Detects Studs, Metal & Cables
sku: DL1093
MPN: DL1093

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  • See what's behind walls quickly and easily
  • Detects studs, cables and metal pipes
  • LED/audible indicators

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Dilog DL1093 Wall Scanner - Detects Studs, Metal & Cables Details

A 3-in-1 tool, the DiLog DL1093 scans walls for voltage in cables, metallic/wooden studs and metal piping, allowing users to easily locate studs, pipes and cables without the need to damage the wall.

Designed for ease of use with simple function keys, the DiLog DL1093 delivers accurate and fast results. When an object behind the wall is detected the DL1093 alerts the user by shining an LED indicator and will also emit an audible tone.

The DL1093 can detect wooden/metallic studs up to a depth 30mm, can trace live cables in walls up to a depth of 20mm and can detect metallic pipes up to a depth of 50mm.

DiLog DL1093 Wall Scanner Key Features

  • Detects metallic pipes, metal/wooden studs and live cables behind walls
  • Compact, lightweight and extremely easy to use
  • Built in torch for use in poorly lit areas
  • Dynamic LCD display
  • LED and audible indicators when an object is detected
  • Voltage indication range from 50-600V
  • Frequency range from 0-60Hz
  • Wooden/metal stud detection depth up to 30mm
  • Metal pipe detection depth up to 50mm
  • Voltage detection (in live cables) up to a depth of 20mm

What's Included?

  • DiLog DL1093 Wall Scanner
  • 1 x 9V Battery
Technical Specs

Part Code: DL1093

DiLog DL1093 Technical Specifications

Display Dynamic LCD
Voltage Indication 50-600V
Frequency Range 0-60Hz
Wooden/Metal Stud Detection Depth 30mm
Metal Pipe Detection Depth 50mm
Voltage Detection 20mm
Power Supply 1 x 9V battery
Dimensions 160 x 74 x 42mm
Weight 154g

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