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Dilog DL2070 16 Core Cable Identifier & Digital Multimeter

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This combined testing kit includes a full digital multimeter and a core cable identifier that makes it easy to identify and match up to 16 individual cores of multi strand cable or alternatively pick out cables from within a bundle.

As a multimeter, the DiLog DL2070 can be used to measure DC/AC voltage to 600V, DC/AC current to 200mA, resistance to 20MΩ and includes a built-in continuity test with integrated buzzer.

DiLog DL2070 16 Core Cable Identifier and Digital Multimeter Key Features

  • Match up to 16 individual cores in multi strand cables
  • Pick out cables within a bundle
  • AC/DC voltage measurements to 600V
  • DC/AC current measurements to 200mA
  • Resistance measurements to 20MΩ
  • Continuity testing with audible buzzer

What's Included?

  • DiLog DL2070A 16-Core Cable Identifier
  • DiLog DL2070B Digital Multimeter/Cable Tester
Part CodeDL2070

DiLog DL2070 Technical Specifications

MeasurementRangeBasic Accuracy
Display 600V ±0.5%
Nominal Test Currents 600V ±1.2%
Contact Voltage 200mA ±1.5%
Trip Time 200mA ±2.0%
Test Current Type 20MΩ ±0.8%
Transmitter Specifications
Continuity Buzzer if under 100Ω
Display 2 x blue LEDs
Croc Clips 16 x red / 1 x black
Cable Resistance 30kΩ max
Receiver Specifications
Display 2 digit red LED display
Croc Clips 1 x red / 1 x black
General Specifications
Dimensions 162 x 74.5 x 44mm
Weight 308g
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