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Cable Locator Accessories

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Bought yourself some cable or circuit location equipment and want to extend the capabilities of your device even further? Well you’re certainly in the right place!

At Tester we stock an ever-expanding range of quality accessories for a variety of different testers, as we truly believe you should have the flexibility to do exactly what you need with your testing device. That’s why you’ll find absolutely top-notch quality products in our cable/circuit location accessory section including A-Frame Kits for use with wire tracers, transmitters, signal clamps and even charging kits.  

Every product in this category is designed to make your testing more effective, and the vast majority of them work with a product in our range. For example, why not consider buying the Amprobe AT 5005 Wire Tracer with A-Frame Kit to improve the capabilities of one of Amprobe’s most useful products?