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About Cable Locators

If you're coming in to an area for the first time or simply can't remember exactly where a cable is in an area you work in regularly, a good cable location tool will ensure you can find all of your cables with minimal fuss.

Without a cable finder you could do a lot of damage to company property searching for cables that may or may not be there. Cables do, after all, get absolutely everywhere; under walls, ceilings, floors and everywhere else in between. That's where the handy piece of testing equipment known as the cable finder comes in. Designed to find cables at various different depths without you having to hack through the walls/ceiling/floor to get at them, the cable finder will ensure that you find exactly where your cables are with accurate readings of depth and audio indicators to help you pinpoint the location of the wiring no matter where it is.

As any practicing professional knows, digging up live cables can be an extremely dangerous process. By using a cable locator to pinpoint the location of wiring before digging it up you can be absolutely certain you won’t accidentally touch live cables, giving you the peace of mind to work effectively without fear of sudden electric shock. Since some of the models in our range also incorporate depth indicators, you can also get an accurate reading of exactly how far down you’ll have to go to find underground cables.

Interested in a high-quality cable locator? Why not check out the Amprobe AT-5000 Underground Wire Tracer? This top-of-the-range piece of testing equipment allows easy indication of buried wiring thanks to the integrated light and audio warnings, and – at the press of a button – the device also allows you to measure exactly how deep the cable is buried. 

For a cheaper but no less useful solution, check out the Fluke 2042 Cable Locator. Portable and easy to use, the Fluke 2042 allows you to easily trace cables in walls/underground, and also includes the ability to locate fuses/breakers and it has the ability to trace metallic water and heating pipes as well!

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