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Perfect for both trainees and established contractors, these books will ensure you're always in compliance with 18th edition, Part P and more. Books are compliant with UK laws and are written by accomplished authors who have worked for years within the electrical industry.

Compliance with rules and regulations is extremely important, and in the ever-changing test equipment and electrical installation industry, regulations can change regularly and have an effect on any contractor’s work abilities and the way in which they must utilise documentation.

The 18th edition regs are the most commonly turned-to tool for electrical contractors. There a wide variety of different publications available that are designed to help contractor and professionals understand the 18th edition wiring regulations and you’ll find loads of useful 18th edition books in this category.

We stock 18th edition wiring regulations books such as the IET’s Wiring Regulations (18th Edition Amendment), publications that give guidance to contractors working with wiring while on-site, guidance notes on adhering to 18th edition building regulations (incorporating Part P), fire detection and alarm system compliance books, guides for emergency lighting, protection against overcurrent, special location electrical guides and more.

Most of the publications under our 18th edition books category are published by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), a governing body responsible for the continued study and amendments to wiring regulations and other electrical safety procedures to ensure the safety of both contractors and those working with electrical installations. This means that their electrical compliance 18th edition books are written by industry-accredited authors and are a must-have tool for those wishing to stay in line with the latest 18th edition updates.

These books are also an ideal accompaniment to many 18th edition courses and are a great aid with understanding electrical compliance and adhering to all rules and regulations while carrying out and after electrical training. They are also an essential purchase for time-served contractors as no matter how long you’ve been in the industry, changes to the 18th edition regulations are something you need to understand and make sure you adhere to at all times.

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