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Metrel Eurolink ProPlus software (NICEIC reports)

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Note: This is for a purchase for a license key for Metrel's software. The software can be downloaded from Metrel's website or may be supplied with your tester.

Metrel's Eurolink ProPlus software is used for analysis of test data gained from Metrel testers. Including Auto-Sequence technology, this software allows you to ensure that the testing of your products, evaluation of the results that are taken and the final certification are done as quickly and easily as possible.

All the results that are taken on your Metrel multifunction tester can be saved quickly on the unit, which allows them to be referenced whenever you need them. While this is no doubt a handy feature, your memory often fills up fast and you end up with no space left for your data. When this happens, Metrel's Eurolink ProPlus software can be used to download the results onto your computer, freeing up your tester's memory. 

Downloading your test data also has added benefits including the ability to analyse, create graphs and export test data that you have gained directly onto printable NICEIC certificates. It also has Green Form certificate capability already built into the software.

Metrel Eurolink ProPlus Key Features

  • Downloaded test results automatically shifted into Pro Plus forms
  • Allows you to fill out visual inspection for tested fuse cabinet or earthing system
  • Automatically selects worse case test results for form completon
  • Easy test report generation and reviewing facilities
  • Creates Pro Plus reports, NICEIC certificates, ZVEH certificates (Germany), SiNa certificates (Switzerland), UNE-202008 certificates (Spain)
  • Password protection for MI 3121, MI21H, MI 3122, MI3123 and MI 3125B

Metrel Eurolink Pro is Compatible With:

  • MI3105 EurotestXA
  • MI 3101 EurotestAT
  • MI 3102 EurotestXT
  • MI3102 EurotestXE 2.5 kV
  • MI 31225B EurotestCOMBO
  • MI 3121 SMARTEC Insulation/Continuity
  • MI 3121H MARTEC 2.5kV Insulation/Continuity
  • MI 3122 SMARTEC Z Line-Loop RCD
  • MI 3123 SMARTEC Earth Clamp
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