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About 18th Edition Software

Many types of test equipment are now downloadable; they come with internal memory that stores measurement data and can transmit it to PC.

Although most types of tester that are downloadable will come with software as standard, there are several instruments that don't include the software or require a software upgrade in order to unlock the full capabilities of the tester.

This category includes software packages that are specifically designed with different types of 17th edition certified electrical test equipment. By combining together these software packages with a compatible cable (such as an RS232 serial cable or USB cable) you'll be able to download information into software, sort it by customer, create professional reports and much more!

Fluke's DMS COMPL/PROF software is highly recommend for those who use a Fluke multifunction tester (1653B) or PAT tester (6500-2). We also stock several other software packages including Metrel Eurolink for use with Metrel multifunction testers and software packages compatible with equipment from Amprobe, Megger and Seaward.

Not quite sure which software is right for you or don't see what you're looking for here? Just give us a call and we'll be able to source and recommend the right software for use with your electrical tester,

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