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Electric Vehicle EVSE Testers

The number of electric vehicles on the roads is increasing; as a result, the number of EV charging stations is also increasing. Since 2013 registrations of electric vehicles in the UK have increased from 3500 to 160,000, subsequently, the number of electric vehicle charging points has also increased from a few hundred in 2011 to 9800 (16 700 connectors) in June 2018. EV charging stations now be found in over 5800 locations across the UK (June 2018). Therefore it is essential that EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment), such as electric vehicle charging stations, are constructed, installed and tested in accordance with 18th Edition regulations (Section 722).

To this end, Tester stocks a range of EV charger testers by leading manufacturers such as Metrel and Beha-Amprobe. These testers can be used to check Mode 3 (AC) charging stations in the UK. With the number of electric vehicles on the roads predicted to reach millions by 2030, EVSE testers will soon become essential.  

Additionally, to ensure compliance with the latest regulations pertaining to EVSE, Tester also provides a range of IET 18th Edition books, including the latest code of practice for Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment, as well as protective equipment and electrical safety kits.

Please browse our range of products specifically designed for EVSE applications.  

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