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  1. Clare B255 Electrical Safety Tester All Clare Products
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    Clare B255 Electrical Safety Tester 25A-110V 15A-230V AC Flash EB
    £1,722.00 £1,435.00
    Was £1,583.00
    You Save £148.00
    • Use with hired/rented appliances
    • Comprehensive electrical safety testing procedures
    • Checks both Class I and Class II appliances
    2,870 Reward Points
    Price Match Guarantee
    SKU: B255
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About Production Line Safety Testers

The Machinery Testers’ category contains a variety of equipment specifically designed for testing in this field. When choosing your ideal equipment, make sure you consider all the features and capabilities you are going to require your machinery tester to perform.

It is also worth thinking about design and how easy or complicated each of the different machinery testers are. Obviously finding something with a great usability and function is the best thing, but this can sometimes be difficult to identify from a description and picture.

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