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About Multimeter Accessories

Extend the abilities of your multimeter with Tester’s range of high-quality multimeter accessories!

Whether you’re looking for a specific carrying case to stop your multimeter from becoming damaged or want something simple like a set of alligator clips, you’re sure to find it here in our extensive store. We’re constantly expanding our range of products to bring you the latest and greatest innovations in the field, so make sure you check back regularly to see what’s new.

Multimeters already have a lot of functions, but by using accessories you can extend the capabilities of your device even more! Take, for example, the Extech  TP873 Bead Wire Type K temperature probe, an optional accessory that turns your multimeter into a thermometer! Another great extension for Fluke multimeters is the Fluke FOM Fiber Optic Meter, a handy device that plugs into your tester and allows incredibly accurate testing of fiber-optic cabling .

So grab yourself a great accessory today and transform your multimeter into the ultimate tester!

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