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PC / USB Oscilloscopes (5 Products)

About PC / USB Oscilloscopes

As you may have guessed, a USB oscilloscope plugs into a computer via the USB port, which means a computer screen will be used for the oscilloscope readouts via software that comes with the oscilloscope.  Although they are mostly quite small they are cheaper because they are harnessing the processing power of your computer.  This means that storage is direct to a regularly used storage medium; the computer’s internal memory.  You will also find that you can attach scope probes to these devices just as you can with any oscilloscope.

Most USB oscilloscopes will load the driver software into your computer automatically when they are first plugged in.  Some models come with more advanced software on a separate disc.

PC oscilloscopes are a great way of harnessing the power of your existing computer.  You can also update the oscilloscope software each time a new version is released.

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