Crocodile Clips & Test Probes (109 Products)

About Crocodile Clips & Test Probes

Essential accessories for use with test leads, crocodile clips (also known commonly as alligator clips as well) and testing probes are designed to clip directly onto most makes and models of test leads and allow users to carry out different types of testing.

This category contains a massive selection of optional accessories for use with testing leads, and both probes and crocodile clips are available in various different sizes and shapes in order to cater for the varied amount of testing procedures and types of testing equipment available on the market today.

Probes in particular come in many different forms. These include rigid back probes which are meant for use in automotive applications, IC tip sets, GS38 probes, lantern tip probes, slim reach test probes, plunger style hook clip probes, spring-loaded probes and a whole lot more.

Croc clips get their name from their hinged jaws which are filled with sharp, serrated teeth. These are meant to be used to pierce the insulation of a wire or other property, thus making a circuit from a meter to a targeted application that can be used for testing purposes.  

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