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An extremely common tool for use by HVAC professionals, anemometers are designed to calculate the overall speed of wind passing through a specific area. They are most commonly associated with testing air conditioning and ventilation systems for correct airflow in order to ensure comfortable environments.

Most anemometers are known as vane anemometers - all of these come equipped with some sort of fan-like sensor which measures the air passing through it. The type of vane sensor included depends entirely on the anemometer in question - some may have smaller sensors intergated directly into the body of the meter, while others come with flexible sensors equipped with cords (making it easier to hold inside a duct while reading the results on the meter's screen).

To use an anemometer, the sensor should be held as close to the targeted testing area as possible. As air starts to move through the vane sensor, the anemometer will calculate the air velocity and air flow. Several models also have the ability to simultaneously measure air temperature, giving HVAC technicians a more thorough understanding of the status of the system.

We also stock another type of this product known as the hot wire anemometer. These work differently than their vane counterparts; they include a heated probe which is held up against the targeted measurement point. As air flows past the sensor, it will have a cooling effect on the probe and calculate air flow based on the resistance against the hot wire sensor.

For larger applications, some anemometers have large-size cone hoods available. These generally fit directly into the anemometer's vane sensor and can be used to easily measure the flow coming from a duct cover, extractor fan or for just measuring a larger area.

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