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About Moisture Meters

Need to test the level of moisture in building materials, wood and other material types? Moisture meters help you to put an exact value to how damp the material is and are an essential purchase for caravan owners, professional building surveyors, home owners and those involved with the production and storage of wood in various forms.

Moisture meters are generally classified into two distinct types - pin and pinless.

Pin-type moisture meters include sharp pins at the top which are designed to touch the material you're testing. You should be able to get a reading from lightly touching the surface with the pins; however sometimes, when moisture is deeper, inserting the pins more into the surface will generate more accurate results. Some pin-type moisture meters include optional hammer-style accessories which will allow you to easily test further below the surface.

Pinless moisture meters are better for measuring the moisture content without actually causing any damage to the material being tested. These use a scanning system to test to a certain depth below the surface (results vary depending on model) and they are generally less accurate than their pin counterparts as they aren't actually touching the surface.

The capabilities of the moisture meter you have will vary greatly depending on the product you select. Some are specifically designed for use with wood, while others include the ability to measure moisture with selectable pin and pinless modes. Even more advanced meters, such as the FLIR MR series, even include a thermal imaging camera inside so you can find moisture much easier before actually testing with the pin electrode.

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