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Solar Equipment

  • Irradiance meters are essential tools for the installation of photovoltaic solar panels and other solar equipment to ensure correct installation. Solar irradiance meters available from Megger, Kewtech, Metrel and Seaward.
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  • Another essential tool for solar panel installation, solar installation testers are essential in photovoltaic calculations in order to produce maximum electricity output and quantify all common electrical parameters to ensure compliance.
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  • Every accessory you'll need! Solar warning labels, solar test lead adaptors and a range of essential solar installation accessories including crimping kits, crimping tools, test certificates and solar software packages.
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As the popularity of solar-powered technology continues to grow, the importance of having test equipment that evaluates levels of solar power becomes more and more important for electricians and installation engineers.

Solar installation testing – or photovoltaic installation testing – has become more advanced and accessible in recent years, with notable manufacturers such as Seaward and Kewtech developing their own solar ranges. One of the most comprehensive solutions for testing solar available in our store is the Seaward PV100 Solar Installation Test Kit, a fantastic pack of testing equipment that comes with everything you could ever need to complete solar installation work.

Solar panels are becoming the must-have addition for many homes, primarily due to the desire of consumers to both save energy and money, particularly because of recent rises in the price of fuel. By using a quality photo-voltaic tester and completing a solar panel course you can rapidly become an expert in the correct implementation and maintenance of solar panels, allowing you to take on new jobs, gain new customers and provide better service.

If you're looking for specifics, we currently offer both irradiance meters and inverters as separate categories, so be sure to check them both out if you're looking for specific testing equipment for those jobs. We also offer relevant accessories for solar panel testing equipment such as carry cases (perfect for keeping your new piece of equipment in stellar working order).

Any questions you might have about our range of solar equipment can be answered by our friendly team of advisors.