Irradiance Meters (11 Products)

About Irradiance Meters

Solar irradiance meters allow an engineer to accurately obtain a reading from solar equipment such as solar panels in order to calculate exactly how much solar power they are getting from a particular location.

Solar irradiance itself is defined as the amount of solar energy arriving at a specific area at a specific time, and it is important to regularly measure the amount of solar irradiance obtained as the reading fluctuates because of things such as the earth’s tilt, cloud cover and the angle of the sun in the sky. Solar power essentially depends on the earth’s current location and the state of the atmosphere around it, which is why solar irradiance meters are used to gain accurate readings depending on the time of the day and the amount of sunlight provided at that particular moment.

It’s an absolutely essential tool when you’re installing solar energy solutions because it allows the engineer to let the customer know how much of a saving the installed equipment will provide. Use an irradiance meter to provide comprehensive solar PV site surveys, enhance your status with customers and improve your working practice as a testing professional.

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