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About Infrared Thermometers

Due to innovations in thermal technology many thermometers now use infrared to measure temperatures, allowing you to scan specific areas without the use of temperature probes.

Also known as laser and non-contact thermometers, these devices use thermal radiation emitted by an object to gain an accurate reading that is usually displayed in either Fahrenheit, Celsius or Kelvin.  Some devices are called laser thermometers because they also include a built-in visible laser beam that allows you to direct the tester to the exact point where you want to test. Non-contact thermometers are designed to work from a distance, which is suitable for extreme temperatures where it isn’t safe for humans to be near the test zone.

Although they are used in many different sectors, infrared thermometers have become particularly useful for electricians surveying different kinds of equipment. By scanning components of a device using an infrared thermometer you can quickly and easily determine which devices are working correctly and which aren’t thanks to the temperature reading obtained;  if a component is too hot or cold, it’s obvious that it isn’t working correctly and could be causing a problem. This means that using a thermometer that uses infrared technology is the perfect extension to an electricians’ tool kit.

Infrared thermometers are used by fire fighters to quickly assess areas for dangerous ‘hot spots’ and therefore make sure an area is totally safe before going in. This is useful for both safety purposes and for actually locating the source of a fire, allowing the firefighters to save lives, minimizes property damage and provide a more efficient service.

In addition, many other sectors such as gas and HVAC, the medical industry, weather forecasting, the processing industry (and quality control) and many others can find great use in an infrared thermometer for a wide variety of different situations.

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