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ETI TimeStick Digital Kitchen Countdown Timer with Choice of Colour

ETI TimeStick Digital Kitchen Countdown Timer with Choice of Colour
MPN: 806-181

  • Portable countdown timer ideal for use in the food industry
  • Available in a selection of colours
  • Water-resistant numeric keypad

£15.00 Incl. VAT £18.00
£15.00 Incl. VAT £18.00
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ETI TimeStick Digital Kitchen Countdown Timer with Choice of Colour Details

Note: this product is available in your choice of colour! Choose between white, yellow, green, red and blue options using the dropdown box when you place your order.

Whether it’s in your pocket, hung around your neck on the included lanyard or placed on a surface, ETI’s TimeStick is a great way to countdown to a specific period of time.

Recommended for use in the food industry, the TimeStick is ideal for exact cooking times. The time limit is entirely adjustable; once configured, the TimeStick will count down to the time specified and then sound an audible alarm.

 On the screen, the TimeStick will display a countdown bargraph as well as the remaining time. When the time is expired, a count-up timer will begin so you can see how much time has expired since the alarm sounded.

Times can be configured on the TimeStick in either 12 or 24 hour formats. A keypad lock function is included, preventing accidental key entries.

ETI TimeStick Digital Kitchen Countdown Timer Key Features

  • Handy, pocket-sized countdown timer
  • Available in a selection of different colours
  • Wear around the neck using the included lanyard, place in your pocket or simply place on a surface
  • Countdown bar graph shows remaining time alongside an actual time reading
  • Alarm sounds when timer expires
  • Count up timer starts as soon as alarm sounds, allowing you to check how much time has passed since the alarm
  • 12/24 hour format
  • Keypad lock function prevents accidental entries

Powered by a CR2032 battery

Technical Specs

Part Code: 806-181
There are no technical specifications for this product.

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