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Extech MA160 True RMS AC/DC Open Jaw Clamp Meter


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It's a clamp meter, without the clamp! This meter has completely open jaws, making it easier to get a measurement in difficult applications such as cramped electrical cabinets.

The jaws are especially narrow, with just 0.57" (14.5mm) jaw opening for precisely measuring smaller conductors. With the Extech MA160, you'll be able to measure both AC/DC current on a conductor without actually breaking the circuit.

This clamp meter also functions as a basic multimeter: it can test AC voltage to 750V, DC voltage to 1000V, resistance to 60MΩ and capacitance to 60mF. Continuity and diode can also be tested and a built-in non-contact voltage detector can be used to verify the presence of live voltage on a circuit before testing takes place.

Additional functions of this clamp meter include a relative mode for capacitance zero and offset adjustment, 2000 count, 2-level backlit LCD display and a built-in LED worklight (ideal for viewing in dimly lit areas).

Extech MA160 True RMS AC/DC Open Jaw Clamp Meter Key Features

  • Open jaws with size of 0.57" (14.5mm) for measurements in tight spaces
  • Measure both AC and DC current to 200A
  • AC voltage measurements to 750V
  • DC voltage measurements to 1000V
  • Non-contact voltage detector built-in with range of 100 to 750V
  • Resistance measurements up to 60MΩ
  • Capacitance testing up to 60mF
  • Continuity and diode tests
  • Relative mode for capacitance zero and offset adjustment
  • 2000 count, 2 level backlit LCD display
  • Built-in LED worklight
  • Automatic power off function (can be disabled)
  • Ergonomic housing with built-in test lead holders
  • CAT III 600V rating

What's Included?

  • Extech MA160 Clamp Meter
  • Test Leads
  • 2 x AA Batteries
  • Pouch
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Part CodeMA160

Extech MA160 Technical Specifications

Parameter Range Accuracy
AC/DC Current 200A (0.1A resolution) ±(2.5% + 5d)
AC Voltage 750V (1mV resolution) ±(2.5% + 3d)
DC Voltage 1000V (1mV resolution) ±(0.8% + 3d)
Non-Contact Voltage (NCV) 100 to 750V  
Resistance 60MΩ (0.1Ω resolution) ±(1.0% + 2d)
Capacitance 60mF (0.01nF resolution) ±(4.0%+20d)
Continuity/Diode Test Yes  
Dimensions 8.2 x 2.1 x 1.4" (210 x 53 x 35mm)
Weight 5.8oz (164g)
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