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Socket and See FFCB100UK Easy Fuse Finder (UK)

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This device uses dual voltage operation of 100 to 250VAC (50-60Hz) and can be used to accurately trace and locate fuses.

The FFCB100 actually consists of two devices – a transmitter and a receiver.  To use the device you basically plug the transmitter directly into a plug socket, then you use the receiver to scan across a breaker board and find which fuse is powering that particularly socket. It’s an easy and incredibly effective way to detect fuses, and the receiver device can be used at a distance.

Whenever a strong signal is found the receiver lights up with LEDs on a bargraph, and it also emits a more frequent tone. As standard it emits a steady beep, and as the signal ramps up this increases. It is recommended that the device is swept twice across a circuit board as the receiver automatically removes weak signals and pinpoints the strong signal where the transmitter is plugged into.

Socket and See FFCB100 UK Easy Fuse Finder Key Features

  • Dual voltage operation
  • Simple to use – plug in transmitter and scan breakers with receiver
  • Receiver uses LED and audible indicators
  • Auto scan with no fiddly controls to adjust
  • Self-test for receiver – simply place onto transmitter
  • Bargraph display of signal strength

Full List of Products Included

  • Socket and See FFCB100UK Transmitter
  • Socket and See FFCB100UK Easy Fuse Finder Receiver
  • Mains Lead
  • Instruction Manual
  • Carry Case
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