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FLIR E5 Thermal Camera (9Hz Frame Rate) with WiFi Connectivity

FLIR E5 Thermal Camera (9Hz Frame Rate) with WiFi Connectivity
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  • Entry-level thermal camera ideal for electrical inspections
  • WiFi enabled - send your findings wirelessly to your phone or tablet
  • Packed with functionality

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FLIR E5 Thermal Camera (9Hz Frame Rate) with WiFi Connectivity Details

Note: this is the upgraded version of the standard FLIR E5 thermal camera with added WiFi connectivity to smartphones/tablets. The standard E5, without this functionality, is also still available for purchase.

Find problems with overheating electrical components, minor building issues and much more with FLIR's entry-level thermal camera, the FLIR E5.

Handheld, ergonomic and easy to use with just a single button and trigger system for capturing images, this product is the perfect entry point into thermography and will help you complete surveys like never before.

The Power of Thermal

With FLIR's industry-leading Lepton core sensor included as standard, you can expect the FLIR E5 to produce high quality thermal images at all times.

There's so much to this camera, including:

  • 120 x 90 Pixel Infrared Thermal Resolution - every pixel in an image taken with the FLIR E5 is assigned its own temperature reading, allowing you to hone in on a specific point using the included software package
  • High Thermal Sensitivity of <0.10°C - consistently reliable, accurate results in every image captured
  • High Accuracy Temperature Measurements - ±2% accuracy ensures every result you get with the FLIR E5 is reliable and as accurate as possible
  • Wide Temperature Measurement Range of -20 to 250°C - Work in a wide variety of applications ranging from outdoors in the cold to industrial plants
  • Create Professional Reports Using FLIR Tools Software - available as a free download, FLIR Tools will let you interact with your captured images on your PC and create professional reports

See the Detail with FLIR MSX

Take your thermal images to the next level with FLIR MSX, including as standard with the E5.

MSX is an exclusive mode for FLIR thermal cameras which extracts the detail from a visual (digital) image and applies it to a thermal image.

The result is a vastly different level of quality between a standard thermal and an MSX image. You can see how the level of detail improves in the image.

WiFi Connectivity

No more waiting to get back to the office or home to upload your findings - this version of the FLIR E5 will allow you to wirelessly connect to your smartphone or tablet to share your findings.

Sharing is simple - just download the FLIR Tools Mobile app, connect up your FLIR E5 and wirelessly stream your images to your device as needed.

FLIR Tools mobile has a number of benefits, including:

  • Seamless wireless import from compatible FLIR wireless thermal cameras
  • Lay out and move measurement tools on images
  • Read temperature measurements
  • Zoom in on images
  • Remotely take snapshots using your phone or tablet
  • Delete images
  • Create/email reports
  • Save images to your device
  • Change colour palettes

*** PLEASE NOTE: For older camera models (FLIR Ex, Exx, T4xx, T6xx, etc.), the connection between an Android phone and a camera with the Wi-Fi function enabled has to go through a router: they cannot be connected directly to each other. However, there is an alternative that works in most cases:

  1. Enable the hotspot function on your Android phone, i.e., you set up a Wi-Fi network on your Android phone. (This can be done by going to the settings on your Android phone and turning on the "hotspot" function—usually called "mobile hotspot" or "portable hotspot". Set a password for the hotspot connection.)
  2. Connect the camera to the Android phone's hotspot-enabled Wi-Fi network.
  3. You should now have a direct connection between the phone and the camera, and be able to use FLIR Tools Mobile.

Note: For iPhones, it's possible to connect the phone directly to the camera's Wi-Fi network using the Wi-Fi share option present in all Wi-Fi-enabled cameras. ***

 Packed with Features

There's even more to the FLIR E5!

Additional features of this thermal camera include:

  • Fully automatic, focus-free images - quick focusing helps you get the images you need, every single time
  • Single, simple button navigation - see your images, scroll through functions and more with ease
  • Ergonomic, lightweight pistol-shaped design - squeeze the trigger to capture an image
  • Large-size, 320 x 240 pixel colour LCD screen (3.0 inches) - see everything in clear detail and easily interact with your images
  • Picture-in-Picture mode - add a thermal window on top of a thermal image to hone in on a specific part of the image
  • Selectable colour palettes - black and white, iron and rainbow options all available
  • Built-in digital camera - get a high quality standard digital image alongside your thermal findings
  • Adjustable emissivity - variable from 0.1 to 1.0 to cater for different types of surface
  • Internal memory storage - space for up to 500 sets of images
  • Powered by rechargeable batteries - life of up to 4 hours per battery
  • Set high/low alarms - blue colour when below or red when above the user's set temperature

What's Included?

  • FLIR E5 Thermal Camera
  • Hard Transport Case
  • USB Cable
  • Power Supply and Charger
  • Rechargeable Battery

Also includes FLIR's 2-5-10 Warranty*:

  • 2 Years parts and labour coverage on the camera
  • 5 Years coverage on the battery
  • 10 Years coverage on the detector

Please note that warranty requires registration of the camera with FLIR. Please follow this link for more info >>

Technical Specs

FLIR Ex Series Comparison Chart

Choose the right FLIR Ex Series thermal camera with our comparison chart!

Please note that the following table only applies to the models with WiFi, not the standard models.

Imaging and Optical Data
Infrared (IR) Resolution 80 x 60 pixels 120 x 90 pixels 160 x 120 pixels 320 x 240 pixels
MSX Resolution 320 x 240 pixels
Thermal Sensitivity <0.15°C <0.10°C <0.06°C
Field of View 45 x 34°
Focus Focus-free
Detector Uncooled microbolometer
Screen 3.0 inch, 320 x 240 pixel colour LCD
Frame Rate 9Hz
Image Modes IR image, visual image, MSX, thumbnail gallery IR image, visual image, MSX, picture-in-picture, thumbnail gallery
Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) IR image with enhanced detail presentation
Picture-In-Picture N/A IR area on visual image
Temperature Range -20 to 250°C (-4 to 482°F)
Accuracy ±2% or 2°C
Measurement Modes Spot (center) mode 2 modes: 1 spot (center) and 1 area box (MIN/MAX) 3 modes: 1 spot (center), 1 area box (MIN/MAX), isotherm (above/below)
Alarm N/A N/A Blue below or red above set temperature
Emissivity Correction Variable from 0.1 to 1.0
Colour Palettes Iron, Rainbow or Grey
Setup Commands Local adaptation of units, language, date and time formats
Image Storage
Storage Capacity Internal memory stores at least 500 sets of images
Storage Mode Simultaneous storage of images in IR, visual and MSX
File Formats Standard JPEG, 14-bit measurement data included
Battery Type/Operating Time 4 hours approx
Weight 1.27lbs (0.575kg)
Drop Test 2m (6.6ft)
Warranty 2-5-10 warranty - requires registration with FLIR
2 years parts and labor on camera
5 years coverage on battery
10 years coverage on detector

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