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FLIR Zenmuse XT Drone Thermal Camera - 19mm Lens

FLIR Zenmuse XT Drone Thermal Camera - 19mm Lens
sku: ZENMUSE-1600
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  • Powerful aerial thermal camera for use with DJI drones
  • Choice of 4 models - choose frame rate and temperature accuracy
  • 19mm lens equipped

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FLIR Zenmuse XT Drone Thermal Camera - 19mm Lens Details

Note: There are four versions of the Zenmuse XT 19mm lens model available.

The R version of this camera has higher temperature measurement accuracy (±5°C) whereas the normal camera has accuracy of ±20°C. This means you'll get higher accuracy temperature measurements with the R version.

You can also choose your frame rate - the 9Hz model refreshes its images slower than the 30Hz model.

Made by a joint effort from DJI (one of the world's leading drone manufacturers) and FLIR systems (the world's leading thermal imaging manufacturer's), the DJI Zenmuse XT thermal camera is a high resolution camera and stabilising gimbal system designed to attach directly to DJI drones (sold separately).

Zenmuse XT thermal cameras open up a huge range of possibilities when equipped to a DJI drone. Whether you're using the drone as search and rescue in fire or outdoor applications, observing crops, checking properties and much more, this camera will help you to get the job done in excellent clarity.

Powerful Aerial Thermal Camera

With high thermal sensitivity (adjusts itself to minor temperature differences), excellent thermal image quality of 640 x 512 pixels and a 19mm lens, this camera will give you exceptional quality images from any angle when used in combination with a DJI drone.

Using the DJI Go app, the Zenmuse XT camera can be fully controlled and you can view back live footage. Adjustments to colour palettes, isotherms, level and span and zoom are all possible using the app, as well as controlling your video recording and image capturing.

Here's all the important specs you need to know.

  • Powered by Uncooled Vox microbolometer thermal imager
  • 640 x 512 pixel thermal resolution
  • 17μm pixel pitch
  • 30Hz and 9Hz frame rate options available
  • <50mK thermal sensitivity
  • JPEG and TIFF photo formats
  • MP4 video format
  • 2x and 4x digital zoom

For a full breakdown of this product's specifications, click this link >>

Drone Compatibility

This camera and its stabilising gimbal can be attached to DJI's Inspire 1 and Matrice 100 aircraft.

The gimbal system is designed to seamlessly integrate into these drones. When in the air, you can use the powerful DJI Lightbridge system to transfer live images and videos to a control point (included with the drones) from up to 3.1 miles away!

When attached to the drones, the equipped gimbal system gives the camera completely smooth, clear imagery and gives the user full 360 degrees of seamless rotational movement.

What's In the Kit?

  • FLIR Zenmuse XT Thermal Camera (19mm Lens)
  • Stabilised Gimbal
  • Copy of FLIR Tools+ Software

Note: this camera is also available with 13mm or 6.8mm lenses.

Technical Specs

Part Code: 81001-0100
There are no technical specifications for this product.

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