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CO / Carbon Monoxide Detectors (15 Products)

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  1. Chauvin Arnoux CA895 CO Detector 2000 Count 01000 ppm - Front
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    Chauvin Arnoux CA895 Carbon Monoxide (CO) Gas Detector
    £258.00 £215.00
    • Protect yourself from dangerous CO gas
    • Highly accurate and reliable
    • Features a beep function that activates if danger is detected
    430 Reward Points
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    SKU: P01651001Z
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About CO / Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide (commonly abbreviated as CO) is a colourless, invisible and harmful gas. Due to its toxic nature and invisibility, being forewarned against the presence of this gas is essential, particularly in environments where the gas is regularly used.

A CO detector can vary greatly in design and suitability. Some items are small-size, pen-shaped instruments which simply alert the user to CO presence, while others are advanced meters with specialist probes designed for checking the level of carbon monoxide within an appliance such as a flue.

The abilities of the detector will also vary depending on model. Some basic instruments are designed purely as an indicator with audible/visual signals, while others include an LCD screen which shows the ppm value of CO in the atmosphere. Many instruments also include both of these abilities.

At PASS, we stock popular and industry-leading models from renowned gas equipment manufacturers such as Fluke, Kane and Testo for highly competitive prices.

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