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About Manometers & Pressure Meters

At Tester we stock a wide range of differential manometers and U gauges for measuring the difference in pressure between two atmospheric sources. The most typical use for this is to measure pressure of gas and air condition systems at close to atmosphere pressures. A correctly calibrated tester can also be used to troubleshoot a whole range of different problems from gas leaks to inconsistent pressures.

Manometers work on typically having a U shaped tube filled with either mercury or water. The reason that mercury is often used over the more readily available and non-toxic water is that the increased density of mercury allows for a much smaller column to be required and therefore a much smaller tester can be produced.

To operate a manometer both sides of the column is attached to a pressure producing source, such as a gas outlet. In response to the difference in pressure the liquid will travel up the column a distance that can be measured to calculate the exact difference in pressure.

Simple U shaped manometers are often no more complicated then this, with an engineer having to calculate the exact differential pressure between the sources. Most electrical manometers do most of the hard work for you by providing highly accurate readings of the exact difference as well as offering additional features any HVAC engineer may need.

Before commencing work it is very important to make sure that your manometer is suitable for the task at hand. There is a very wide range of different manometers that are specialise at testing between different pressure ranges insuring the most accurate results possible.

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