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About Power Flushers

As a household’s heating system ages it can become corroded, and suffer from scale or build-up of sludge deposits. All of these factors can vastly affect how well the system warms the house and could end up costing the owner a vast amount of money if it’s not running efficiently.

Power flushing is an effective way to clean a heating system, ensuring it works to peak performance; because of this many boiler manufacturers recommend power flushing a system before installing a new boiler into an existing system. Power flushing can clean the whole heating system including the radiators pipes and boiler.

To successfully flush a system, the power flushing equipment is first attached to the system and the water input to the property is run through the flushing device. The first stage of flushing the system involves using a chemical mix in order to clean the pipes and radiators. This is typically phosphoric acid-based to clean the system toughly. While the system is being flushed with the chemical mix the radiators are vibrated to dislodge as much rust from inside the system as possible.

The second stage of flushing a heating system is to force clean water through the system. This water is forced in at very high velocity to thoroughly clean the system but at low enough pressure to avert damage to existing pipes. Typically at this stage anti-corrosion and scale chemicals are added to add longevity to the system.

Power flushers can add a new income stream to any business working with heating systems, allowing a company to offer additional services to its clients and improving their customer service as systems work better for longer.

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