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Guide Thermal Camera FireFitIR HD32

Guide Thermal Camera FireFitIR HD32
sku: HD32

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  • Highly durable thermal camera built for firefighters
  • Intense heat warnings
  • Optional wireless tranmission to command centre

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Guide Thermal Camera FireFitIR HD32 Details

Guide’s range of thermal cameras are designed purely with the firefighting professional in mind, giving you the tools necessary to help prevent injuries, the spread of fire and death by the use of infrared technology.

The Guide FireFitIR HD32 allows users to create a thermal network between firefighters on the ground and a command centre, relaying data wirelessly back to the command centre so informed decisions can be made to ensure the safety of those in a dangerous environment.

The device also helps greatly with identification and rescue, allowing firefighters to pick their way carefully through dangerous environments to help those in danger and remove them safely through the building.

Since thermal cameras also rely on infrared light rather than visible light to produce an image, they’re also invaluable tools for firefighters who need to see through smoke, as the thermal camera will allow the person using it to easily see where they were going because the smoke won’t appear on the FIreFitIR HD32’s screen.

Key Features:

  • Ultra high resolution detector means thermal images are displayed in high clarity, allowing firefighters to clearly see what is going on and search for heat signatures given off by human bodies
  • Built-in super rod hot technology alerts firefighters of intense heat, allowing them to make informed, intelligent decisions about how the fire may distribute itself
  • Extremely durable casing by Ultem Thermalplastic ensures that the HD32 can withstand harsh conditions that firefighters have to work in.
  • Accurate temperature measurements allow firefighters to calculate the intensity of fire
  • Optional wireless transmission allows the HD32 to connect directly to another point, allowing a command centre to be set up where vital information can be analysed and decisions can be made on the best action to take
Technical Specs

Part Code: HD32
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