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Cable Avoidance & High Voltage Cable Tools

  • Cable locators are used for accurately identifying the presence of underground and overhead insulated line networks. They consist of receivers with signalling equipment and are suitable for use on high voltage systems.
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  • Instruments consisting of a transmitter, receiver and headset; they are optimised to positively identify high voltage cables before spiking and/or maintenance work takes place. These products are particularly well suited to noisy applications.
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  • These devices are used for direct piercing of cabling to carry out testing. Sharp and made of high quality materials, CATU's range of cable spiking equipment makes it easy to break insulation to get to the testing point.
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  • The correct tension of cabling is of the utmost importance. These devices are used to make creating cable tension as simple as possible, allowing users to wind, tense-up and pull cables over a distance either manually or automatically.
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  • Everything you need for signalling, tracing and safely working around underground cabling, even within electrically noisy environments such as under HV lines. High grade CAT and Gennys suitable for use by all professionals.
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  • Designed specifically for use with CAT & Genny equipment, these additional accessories expand the abilities of these detectors and allow accurate tracing of cabling through pipes, underground systems and more.
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All of the equipment you need for safe detection, tracing and unearthing of buried cable utilities and other hidden types of underground utility. Make sure excavation personnel are always working safely with this comprehensive range of equipment including CAT & Gennys, cable fault locators and cable spiking equipment.

Although most of us don't realise it, there are so many things hidden that power our lives on a daily basis. Underfoot we have everything from sewers to high speed fibre optic broadband cables ensuring that modern life is more comfortable than ever before.

As is the case with anything, these systems are prone to breakage and - due to their underground nature - are much harder to locate and repair than systems that are out in the open. Excavation teams should always ensure that they use specialist cable tools and detectors to map out the underground before excavation takes place as it's easy to accidentally strike a buried utility and can cause damage to the system or the person carrying out the excavation.

CAT and Gennys are most suited to this application. Designed to be used together, these devices are purpose-built for identifying the location of buried utilities, effectively allowing a person carrying out excavation work to safely move around buried utilities.

A CAT (shortened version of cable avoidance tool) is used for tracing underground utilities that actually generate a signal. These include electrical cables that are giving off electromagnetic fields and by picking up on these the professional using the CAT is able to trace the path of the cable underground.

A genny is used when the buried utility does not generate its own signal. The genny is used to generate (hence the name) a signal that bounces off an underground utility and is then picked up by a CAT.