Cable Tensioning Equipment (13 Products)

About Cable Tensioning Equipment

Make stringing lines easy and ensure cable is as tense as possible with this selection of cable tensioning equipment.

Designed to be used mainly in combination with insulated poles to reach up to a high point, tensioning instruments can be used to manually or automatically pull a cable over a large distance, ensuring that the cable is correctly installed and will remain fixed in place.

Many of the items in this sections are known as come alongs and are designed to make the process of feeding the cable through the system as simple as possible. Other items include insulated stringing/running blocks, which are used for hoisting cables up to a height by the use of a winch.

Another item in this section - a guying system - allows users to place a secure system around a telephone pole/electrical pole that has become unsteady. With this in place, the pole will stay up while work is undertaken to repair the damage and ensure that the cable system remains as steady as possible.

Cable tensioning equipment is ideal for absolutely any electrical cable installation, but is best suited for use on overhead lines or the installation of other hard-to-reach electrical installations. Use them in combination with fully insulated poles at all times to ensure safety when working with the system.

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