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About Data & Network Accessories

All network tools have add-ons and adapters to extend their capabilities. In our Data and Network Accessories category you will find various essential tools required for a top notch network data cabling job, from link adaptors and cable management solutions, to punchdown tools, cable crimpers and cable strippers.

We stock carry cases for all types of network analyzer which includes storage for additional leads, adaptors and cleaning products.

Megger have produced a series of fiber optic testers.  The Megger SCT-SMA Singlemode Fibre adaptors comprises two intuitive and easy to use fiber optic certification testers, which include fully integrated Visual Fault Locator (VFL) for the diagnosis of link problems.  These testers can perform bi-directional tests without having to swap primary and secondary units.  They provide fully compliant Tier 1 Certification for both single mode and multi-mode fiber links at 850 nanometre, 1300nm, 1310nm and 1550nm wavelengths. Simply snap on the supplied fittings to run tests on copper data cables too.

All installation and upgrade jobs should be clean and tidy, especially when dealing with fiber optic cables.  You need to guard against debris such as fiber particles and oily substances, which is why we stock a whole range of cleaning solutions, wipes, swabs and sticks and dry connector cleaners.

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