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Phase Comparators (17 Products)

About Phase Comparators

Phasing rods, phase comparators and phasing sticks are used to accurately determine the difference between phase on various types of high voltage systems.

Generally constructed of high quality durable fibreglass or composite materials, phase comparators are usually large in size, but lightweight enough to be easily moved from testing point to testing point. Depending on the model in question the phase testing device will either use an analogue/digital meter attached to the rod or will instead use visible light indicators to showcase phase differences.

Phase comparators consist of two long-length rods attached together via a length of cable. Each rod must be attached to the point of measurement and the indication method will then show the difference of phase between these two measurement points.

The rods are designed for attachment to various types of high voltage systems and are also compatible with accessories such as bent-end adaptors to enable them to be used on more difficult applications such as switchgear. Bent end adaptors are available at different angles for attachment to various types of switchgear. The rods can also be attached to other HV equipment such as overhead lines by using the right adaptors and equipment.

Phasing rods also generally incorporate a set of limiting resistors and are used for comparing the phase angle voltage at the point of intended paralleling of two high voltage circuits.

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