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Battery backup and generator systems are used everywhere from hospitals to IT Datacentres right down to the small UPS that you may have as a backup for your PC in the office.

Batteries need to maintained and checked regularly to ensure that the batteries are working correctly, still provide their rated outputs and not entering the end of their useable lives.

You’ll also find batteries in cars, these also have to be regularly tested to make sure that the batteries are still working correctly and don’t have damaged cells which will reduce the voltage output from the battery. We’ve all woken up to a car that won’t start on a cold morning and it’s generally the battery that’s the issue.

Battery testers are commonly used to test features such as the cell voltage, impedance as well as float and ripple currents. There are also dummy loads available which will check the performance of a battery under load conditions.

Motorway rescue services such as the AA regularly use battery testers to check faulty batteries by the roadside, enabling them to quickly assess whether the battery in question is the cause of a vehicle’s problems.

But how exactly do you go about testing a battery? It’s a process made so much easier by using a quality battery tester, but if you need more information about testing batteries we recommend you check out the information available here.

Since there are many different ways to test batteries such as load testing, DC measurements, impedance and conductance testing, ‘shake and bake’ testing, abuse testing and more, it’s important to get a tester that is perfect for the type of battery testing you need to accomplish.

The Extech BT100 Battery Capacity Tester is one of the most impressive testers; boasting the ability to test multiple battery types without shutting down the battery itself; this is a fantastic, innovative product that is great for multiple testing situations.

There are a great variety of different battery testers available which measure everything from lead-acid cells up to 2000Ah, to performing diagnostic on batteries that boost telecom networks during power outages. Finding the right one for your needs is important, so our dedicated sales advisors will be more than happy to walk you through exactly what you're getting out of each product, ensuring that you get the right product for the right situation. If  you're struggling to decide on a product, we're here to help!