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Kane 457 Flue Gas Analyser - CPA1 Kit

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The special CPA1 version of the Kane 457 ships as standard with the following items:

  • Kane 457 Flue Gas Analyser
  • Probe
  • Charger
  • Spare Pack
  • Co2 True Zero Capsule
  • Gas Leak Detector
  • Pipe Clamp Probe
  • Air Liquid Probe
  • Pressure Hose
  • Appliance Sampling Probe Kit
  • 12V Van Charger
  • Large Soft Carrying Case
  • Infrared Printer

About the Kane 457 Flue Gas Analyser

An award winning flue gas analyser, the Kane 457 improves upon the functionality of the Kane 455, including every function you'll need for comissioning and servicing commercial catering appliances, flueless gas fires, radiant industrial heaters and standard flues.

The Kane 457 can test a wide variety of parameters including direct CO2 measurements, carbon monoxide, CO/CO2 and ratio, timed let-by, stabilistation and tightness pressure testing, temperature measurements (using included temp probes), flow/return, inlet/outlet and hot/cold measurements and air quality in ambient air.

The room ambient air function will measure and record CO2 and CO readings for up to 30 minutes with timed logging over a specified period of time.

Want to find out more about the Kane 457? See this video from Kane for an introduction to this analyser.

Kane 457 Flue Gas Analyser Key Features

  • Comprehensive flue gas measurements - combustion analysis, direct CO2 measurements and measurements of CO, CO2 and ratio
  • Differential pressure and temperature measurements - let-by, stabilisation and tightness testing for pressure; flow/return, inlet/outlet and hot/cold for temperature
  • Assess air quality with room ambient air, ambient CO2 and CO and timed logging of CO and CO2 profiles
  • True zero function via ZEROCAL capsule purges the analyser when a true zero CO2 ppm level is required
  • Improved accuracy compared to the Kane 455 - readings are automatically compensated for changes in ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure
  • New fast printing option via the use of optional Kane IRP2 infrared rechargeable printing device
  • Built-in LED torch
  • Backlit display
  • Handheld and portable for ease of use when testing
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