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Kane 457 Flue Gas Analyser Pro Kit

Kane 457 Flue Gas Analyser Pro Kit

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  • Comprehensive flue gas, temperature, pressure and air quality tool
  • Kit includes large amount of additional items
  • Portable, handheld device suitable for use everywhere

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Kane 457 Flue Gas Analyser Pro Kit Details

The best overall kit version available for the Kane 457, this special bundle package is full of equipment you'll find extremely useful in flue gas analysis, temperature/pressure and air quality measurements.

The main device that is included in this kit is Kane's 457, a multifunctional flue gas analysis tool. A result of working closely with premier boiler manufacturers, the Kane 457 is designed with making the engineer's job easier in mind. The unit is handheld, portable and includes easy access functions via its rotary dial. These functions include the ability to analyse CO2, CO and ratio for installation and commissioning of boilers/fires etc, carrying out differential pressure measurements (including let-by, stabilisation and tightness tests), temperature testing and it is also capable of directly measuring air quality via assessments over a time period.

As well as the 457 this kit also comes with a large amount of other devices. The first of these is a Kane KMIRP-2 printer; this device uses infrared technology to communicate wirelessly with the Kane 457 for printing of testing data. The second item includes is a GLD450+ gas leak detector, allowing problematic gas leaks to be detected before they become a danger. Other included items are 2 x pipe clamp probes, an air/liquid probe and an orange pressure hose. This all comes shipped in a handy carry case as well.

Kane 457 Flue Gas Analyser Key Features

  • Measure and record CO ppm, CO2% and CO2 PPM
  • Compliant with BS7967, BS8494 and EN50379
  • Five year life sensors
  • Combustion analysis
  • Direct CO2 measurements via infrared
  • Measures CO, CO2 and ratio
  • Differential pressure and temperature measurements
  • High accuracy pressure testing - perform timed let-by, stabilisation and tightness tests
  • Temperature measurements - flow/return, inlet/outlet and hot/cold measurements
  • Air quality measurements
  • Room ambient air evaluation with recording of CO2 and CO readings for up to 30 mins
  • Ambient CO2 and CO monitoring in real time
  • Timed logging
  • True Zero function
  • Fast printing via connection to IR printers
  • Improved accuracy compared to the Kane 455

Full List of Products Included

  • Kane 457 Flue Gas Analyser
  • Kane KMIRP-2 Infrared Printer
  • Carrying Case
  • Kane GLD450+ Gas Leak Detector
  • 2 x KPCP Pipe Clamp Probes
  • KAL1 Air/Liquid Probe
  • Orange Pressure Hose

Please note that our 7 day money back guarantee for flue gas analysers only applies if the tester is found to be faulty.

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