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Kane 77 Personal Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitor/Alarm

Kane 77 Personal Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitor/Alarm
sku: KANE77-UK

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  • Personal carbon monoxide detector - clips directly onto clothing
  • Triple alerts: 3 LED light level indicators, vibration and audible alarms
  • Long-life CO sensor with expected life of up to 5 years

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Kane 77 Personal Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitor/Alarm Details

Clip this personal carbon monoxide monitor to your pocket or clothing when working in both commercial and residential spaces in order to be alerted whenever CO gas is detected.

The Kane 77 is designed as the first defence against rising CO levels; as the level of CO reaches a dangerous threshold, the Kane 77 will use a combination of visible three colour LEDs, vibration and audible tone alarms (if readings are above 30ppm) to ensure the user instantly knows that CO is present.

This gas monitor/alarm is ideally suited for absolutely any area where CO content is a danger, including warehouses and industrial spaces, combustion engine repair facilities and more.

Kane's 77 personal gas monitor also functions as a CO content reader; it displays the current level of CO in ppm on the screen, with range from 0 to 999ppm. The current value can be frozen on the screen by simply pressing the data hold button on the front of the monitor.

Additional features of this product include a backlit display for use in poor lighting conditions, battery indicator and the ability to capture the maximum value taken over a period of time.

Kane 77 Carbon Monoxide Monitor Key Features

  • Personal CO monitor for measuring and alerting the user to ambient carbon monoxide (CO) levels
  • Clips onto clothing for hands-free monitor
  • Measurement range from 0 to 999ppm CO
  • Expected CO sensor life of 5 years
  • Capture the maximum value taken over a period of time using the MAX function
  • Vibrating alarm
  • Visual 3 colour LED alarm: Off from 0 to 1ppm, green from 2 to 9ppm, amber from 10 to 29ppm and red above 30ppm
  • Audible tone alarm when readings reach above 30ppm
  • Data hold function temporarily freezes the current value on the display
  • Backlit display - ideal for use in poor lighting conditions
  • Battery level indicator
Technical Specs

Part Code: KANE77-UK

Kane 77-UK Technical Specifications

Range 0 to 999ppm
Resolution 1ppm

+3 ppm 0 to 100 ppm1

+5% reading > 101 ppm

Audible Alarm Preset at 30ppm
Visual Indication LCD and LED
Battery 9V alkaline
Battery Life Up to 250 hours
Ambient Temperature 0-40°C (32-104°F)
Warranty 1 year
Length x Width x Depth 11cm x 6.5cm x 3.8cm excluding clip (4.5cm including clip
Weight 180g

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