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Kane 945 Industrial/Commercial Flue Gas Analyser

Kane 945 Industrial/Commercial Flue Gas Analyser
sku: KANE945

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  • Heavy-duty analyser made for commercial and industrial applications
  • Upgradable design - add additional sensors
  • Wide range of tests, selectable fuels, internal memory and much more

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Kane 945 Industrial/Commercial Flue Gas Analyser Details

The Kane 945 is a heavy-duty flue gas analyser which is made for installation, comissioning and servicing of industrial and commercial oil, gas or biomass boilers and appliances.

Compatible with multiple types of fuel - natural gas, butane, propane, LPG, 28 sec/35 sec oil, heavy oil, solid fuel and a user-specific fuel - the Kane 945 can be used in a wide variety of different locations to get a snapshot into the operation of a system.

With the Kane 945 flue gas analyser, you'll be able to measure oxygen, carbon monoxide and differential pressure. It can also be used to calculate carbon dioxide content, the ratio of carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide, excess air, combustion efficiency and nitrous oxide (if optional NO sensor is fitted).

Upgradeable Design

The Kane 945 is made to accept up to 2 additional sensors which can be attached when first ordering (please call if you want the sensors adding) or can be added at a later date (the ideal time to do this is when the analyser is being serviced by Kane).

You can choose up to two of the following additional sensors for your Kane 945:

  • Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Sensor - 0 to 5000ppm
  • High Range Carbon Monoxide (CO) Sensor - 0-10%
  • Nitrous Oxide (NO) Sensor - 0 to 5000ppm
  • Low Range Nitrous Oxide (NO) Sensor - 0 to 100ppm
  • Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Sensor - 0 to 1000ppm

Kane 945 Flue Gas Analyser Key Features

  • Heavy-duty flue analyser made for use in industrial and commercial conditions
  • Upgradable design - add additional sensors to the analyser when buying, or at a later date (up to 2 can be added)
  • Ideal for the installation, commissioning and servicing or industrial/commercial oil, gas or biomass appliances
  • Measure oxygen from 0 to 21%
  • Measure carbon monoxide from 0 to 4000ppm
  • Differential pressure measurements
  • Temperature measurements - inlet, flue gas and differential
  • Perform safety carbon monoxide checks in a room or around the appliances
  • Combustion performance and efficiency checks
  • Calculate carbon dioxide content
  • Calculates carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide ratio
  • Excess air calculations
  • Multiple fuel types - natural gas, butane, propane, LPG, 28 sec oil, 35 sec oil, heavy oil, solid fuel and user fuel
  • Store up to 150 sets of testing results in internal memory
  • Output to IR printer (sold separately)

What's Included?

  • Kane 945 Flue Gas Analyser
  • Probe
  • Charger
  • Manual
  • Calibration Report
  • Carrying Case
Technical Specs

Part Code: KANE945

Kane 945 Technical Specifications

Temperature Measurements
Flue Temperature 0.1°C/°F ±2.0°C ±0.3% reading 0 to 1200°C (32 to 2200°F) with suitable probe
Inlet Temperature 0.1°C/°F ±1°C ±0.3% reading 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)
Gas Measurements
Oxygen 0.1% ±0.2% 0 to 25%
Carbon Monoxide (H2 Compensated) 1ppm ±5ppm (<100ppm)
±20ppm (<400ppm)
±5% (>400ppm)
0 to 4000ppm
Carbon Monoxide 1ppm ±20pmm (<400ppm)
±5% (<5000ppm)
±10% (>5000ppm)
0 to 100,000ppm
Nitric Oxide (Low Range) 1ppm ±3ppm (<20ppm)
±5ppm (>100ppm)
0 to 100ppm
Nitric Oxide (Optional) 1ppm ±3ppm (<100ppm)
±5ppm (>100ppm)
0 to 5000ppm
Nitrogen Dioxide (Optional) 1ppm ±3ppm (<20ppm)
±5ppm (<100ppm)
0 to 1000ppm
Sulphur Dioxide (Optional) 1ppm ±5ppm (<100ppm)
+5% (>100ppm)
0 to 5000ppm
Pressure 0.1mbar ±0.5% full scale 150mbar
Carbon Dioxide 0.1% ±0.3% reading 0 to 99.9%
Losses 0.1% ±1.0% reading 0 to 99.9%
Efficiency 0.1% ±1.0% reading 0 to 99.9%
Temp (Nett) 1.0°C/°F ±2°C ±0.3% reading 0 to 1200°C (32 to 2200°F)
CO/CO2 Ratio 0.0001 ±0.0001 0 to 0.9999
Poison Index 0.01% ±0.01 0 to 99.99
Other Specs
Pre-Programmed Fuels Natural gas, town gas, gascor, light oil, heavy oil, propane, butane, anthracite, coke, coal, kinsale gas
Dimensions Handset: 220 x 55 x 120mm
Probe: 240 x 8mm (L x D) with 285mm long stainless steel shaft, type K thermocouple and 1.5m long neoprene hose
Weight 1kg
Ambient Operating Range -5 to +50°C
10 to 90% RH non-condensing
Power Supply (Battery Charger) Input: 110V AC to 220V AC nominal
Output: 12V AC off-load
Battery Life >8 hours from full charge

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