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Kane CD100A Gas Leak Detector

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The Kane CD100A is a portable gas detector suitable for quickly detecting methane, natural gas, ammonia, hydrogen, butane, acetone, petrol, refrigerants, ethylene, oxide, halon, hydrogen sulphide, lacquer, thinners, industrial solvents, alcohol and jet fuel (among others).

Ideal for use by heating engineers, the CD100A includes a flexible gas probe which can easily be bent at an angle into a difficult location. The probe is also long length (18") to allow the user to stand at a safe distance from the measurement point and it includes a built-in LED light at the tip so you can see where its going.

This gas detector uses a combination of both flashing LED and audible alarm tones to alert the user to detected high levels of gas. The tic rate of the instrument can also be adjusted using a built-in thumbwheel.

Kane CD100 Gas Leak Detector Key Features

  • Easy to use in one hand
  • Detects a wide range of gas types
  • Flexible 18" gooseneck probe with integrated LED task light
  • Rubber boot protects the instrument from harm
  • Adjustable tic rate to pinpoint leak locations
  • Dual alarms - visual LED and audible
  • 10 hour continuous battery life

What's Included?

  • Kane CD100A Gas Leak Detector
  • 9V PP3 Battery
  • Instructions
Part CodeCD100A

Kane CD100A Technical Specifications

Sensor Type Solid state, low power semiconductor sensor
Sensitivity <50ppm methane
Reaction Time <1 second
Audio Alarm Settings Adjustable tic rate using thumbwheel
Audible 75dB at 1 foot
VIsual Alarm Flashing LED
Battery Type 1 x 9V PP3 (supplied)
Battery Life 10 hours continuous usage
Flexible Gooseneck Probe 400mm/18" reach
Red LED Indicator Flashes to show leak level and continuous on indicates low battery
Green LED Indicator Indicates power on
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