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Kane LS1/B Leak Seaka Combustible Gas Leak Detector

Kane LS1/B Leak Seaka Combustible Gas Leak Detector
sku: LS1/B

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  • Detects the presence of both toxic and combustible gases
  • Audible alarm and LED light alarms
  • Flexible gooseneck probe with illuminated tip

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Kane LS1/B Leak Seaka Combustible Gas Leak Detector Details

The Kane Leak Seaka is a handheld, easy-to-use gas detector designed for detecting the presence of many different combustible and toxic gases.

This detector is capable of detecting (among many others) acetone, ammonia, carbon monoxide, alcohol, butane, halon, petrol, hydrogen sulphide, industrial solvents, lacquer thinners, propane, refrigerants, natural gas, jet fuel, smoke, methane and naptha.

With the Leak Seaka, you'll be able to pinpoint extremely small gas leaks, even as low as 10ppm methane. When gas is detected, the Seaka will sound an audible tone and flash an LED light indicator on a severity scale from green to red. An earpiece is included so that the alarm facility can be used in quiet environments.

Need to see if there's gas in a hard-to-reach area? Use the Leak Seaka's flexible gooseneck probe with illumi.nated tip to check inside these areas.

Kane LS1/B Leak Seaka Combustible Gas Leak Detector Key Features

  • Detect the presence of a wide variety of toxic and combustible gases
  • Easy to use in one hand - adjust the tick rate using the built-in thumbwheel
  • Flexible goosneck probe with illuminated tip - ideal for finding leaks in awkward places
  • Audible and visual alarms alert you to the presence of gas
  • Can pinpoint combustible gas leaks as low as 10ppm methane

What's Included?

  • Kane LS1/B Leak Seaka Combustible Gas Leak Detector
  • Earpiece
  • Soft Carrying Case
Technical Specs

Part Code: LS1/B

Kane LSB/1 Technical Specifications

Power Supply 4 x AA alkaline batteries
Sensitivity <50ppm methane
Sensor Solid-state
Level Indicator Six LEDs moving from green at low concentration through yellow to red. Level is adjustable and hence does not give concentration reading
Alarm Visual and audio at approximately10% of L.E.L with an absolute maximum of 40% L.E.L for methane. Can be calibrated for other concentrations or gases.
Warmup Approximately 1 minute
Response Time Less than 2 seconds (to 40% L.E.L)
Recovery Time Less than 4 seconds (from 40% L.E.L)
Duty Cycle Continuous
Battery Life Approximately 12 hours
Dimensions 80 x 220 x 60mm
Weight 450g
Probe Length 400mm
Operaing Temperature 0 to 50°C
Humidity 10 to 90% RH non-condensing

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