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Martindale CO90 Carbon Monoxide Detector


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Detect the presence of carbon monoxide (CO) in ambient air with Martindale's CO90!

Designed for use in any environment with a risk of high concentrations of carbon monoxide, the CO90 can detect CO levels up to 1999ppm and alerts the user to increasing CO concentration by using an audible beeping tone that will speed up as the carbon monoxide level increases. Once the level increases above 200ppm the audible indicator will become a continuous tone.

CO ppm concentration levels are also shown on the detector's built-in LCD screen as a digital reading. This value can be temporarily frozen using the data hold function or the maximum value taken over a period of time can be displayed by using the built-in MAX feature.

Martindale CO90 Carbon Monoxide Meter Key Features

  • Rapid response carbon monoxide detection tool - ensures your safety in high carbon monoxide risk environments
  • Wide measurement range up to 1999ppm
  • Audible beeping indication increases as CO level scales
  • MAX value calculation over a time period
  • Data hold function temporarily stores last value taken on the screen
  • Average battery life of around 200 hours
  • Low battery indicator

What's Included?

  • Martindale CO90 Carbon Monoxide Meter
  • 9V Battery
  • Instruction Manual
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Martindale CO90 Technical Specifications

Display 3 ½ digit liquid crystal display (LCD) with maximum reading of 1999ppm
Operating Environment 0 to 40°C (32 to 105°F) at 15% to 90% relative humidity
Storage Environment -20 to 60°C (-4 to 140°F) at 0 to 80% RH with battery removed from meter
Response Time <70 seconds to 90% of reading
Initial Accuracy ±5% of reading ±5ppm
Average Measurement Capacity Reading taken every 7 seconds and average displayed on screen
Normal Measurement Capacity Current reading shown on screen
Battery Standard 9V battery (PP3, NEDA 1604, IEC 6F22 006P)
Battery Life 200 hours typical. No measurable current draw when in off position
Dimensions 189mm (H) x 67mm (W) x 35mm (D)
Weight Approx 193g including battery
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