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Martindale ET4500 Multifunction Tester

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The upgraded version of Martindale's ET4000 multifunction tester, the ET4500 is a fully downloadable installation tester.

With built-in loop Zs tables based on amendment 3, several advanced measurement modes, high accuracy technology and a number of additional useful features, this multifunction tester is ideal for use on domestic, commercial and industrial electrical installations.

The built-in memory of the ET4500 allows users to easily document testing data without jotting everything down. Via a simple USB connection with PC, this information can also be directly downloaded into Martindale's included ET-Link software* for further analysis.

A comprehensive suite of testing procedures is included in the Martindale ET4500. It can perform insulation resistance testing at 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000V, continuity testing at 200mA and 8.5mA, loop resistance and PFC with dual display, TRMS voltage, frequency and phase sequence testing and - via the use of an optional earth testing kit (code ER2KIT/S) - can perform three wire earth resistance testing.

Test results are shown in two ways. The first is a full reading on the built-in graphical LCD display, while the second is a dual LED indicator that shines with a red light for fail and a green light for a pass.

Martindale ET4500 Multifunction Tester Key Features

  • Dual red and green LED indicators for instant display of PASS/FAIL
  • Built-in new third amendment Zs loop impedance tables and help screens
  • Automatic polarity and wiring check upon connection
  • Auto RCD and ramp tests with all results shown simultaneously on the same screen
  • TRMS voltage and phase rotation measurements
  • Fast, reliable high current and non-trip loop testing
  • Insulation resistance testing at 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000V
  • Continuity testing at 200mA and 8.5mA
  • Loop resistance and PFC calculations with dual display
  • Auto RCD and ramp test - 10, 30, 100, 300, 500, 1000MA for AC, A, F and S RCDs
  • Slimline remote start probe allows tests to be activated without touching the tester
  • Graphical display with integrated help screens to guide through tests
  • 300V CAT IV and 600V CAT III safety rated
  • Handheld, comfortable design
  • Three-wire earth resistance testing (requires optional ER2KIT/S)
  • Mains rechargeable with in-car option (requires PSUHPAT12 car charger)
  • Fully downloadable memory
  • USB connection to PC for easy transfer into Martindale's included software*
  • Rechargeable batteries

What's Included?

  • Martindale ET4500 Multifunction Tester
  • MARTL36 MFT 3 Lead Set
  • TL207 MFT Mains Lead Set
  • TL180 Remote Start Probe
  • Soft Carry Case and Strap
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Full User Guide on CD
  • Calibration Verification Certificate
  • Low Discharge Rechargeable Batteries
  • Mains Charger
  • ET-Link Software*
  • USB Cable

*PLEASE NOTE: the ET-Link Software supplied with this model is the standard version, which does not offer certificate prints. If you require the optional certificate formats, please have a look at the ET4500PRO Kit; alternatively, existing ET-LINK Software can be updated to the PRO version via an upgrade code, please contact us for details.

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Part CodeMARET4500/PROMO

Martindale ET4500 Technical Specifications

Function Measuring Range Resolution Accuracy
Continuity Resistance Test current 200mA 2-wire 0.00Ω – 19.99Ω
20.0Ω – 199.9Ω
200.0Ω – 1999Ω
0.01Ω ±(3% of rdg + 3 digits)
±(5% of rdg)
±(5% of rdg)
Insulation Resistance Test voltage
50/100/250 V
0.00MΩ – 19.99MΩ
20.0MΩ – 99.9MΩ
100.0MΩ – 199.9MΩ
±(5% of rdg + 3 digits)
±(10% of rdg)
±(20% of rdg)
Test voltage 500/1000 V 0.00MΩ – 19.99MΩ
20.0MΩ – 199.9MΩ
200MΩ – 999MΩ
±(5% of rdg + 3 digits)
±(5% of rdg)
±(10% of rdg)
RCD Testing RCD Uc 0.00V – 19.9V
20.0V – 99.9V
0.1V (-0%/+15%) of rdg ± 10 digits
(-0%/+15% of rdg)
RCD t 0.00 ms – 40.0 ms
0.0 ms – max.time
0.1ms ±1 ms
±3 ms
RCD I ramp 0.2xIΔN – 1.1xIΔN (AC type)
0.2xIΔN – 1.5xIΔN (A type, IΔN ≥30 mA)
0.2xIΔN – 2.2xIΔN (A type, IΔN <30 mA)
0.05xIΔN ±0.1xIΔN
Line/Loop Impedance Zline L-L, L-N Ipsc L-L, L-N Ipsc
0.00Ω – 9.99Ω
10.0Ω – 99.9Ω
100Ω – 999Ω
1.00kΩ – 9.99kΩ

±(5% of rdg + 5 digits)
±(10% of rdg)
Zloop L-PE, Ipfc 0.00Ω – 9.99Ω
10.0Ω – 99.9Ω
100Ω – 999Ω
1.00kΩ – 9.99kΩ

±(5% of rdg+ 5 digits)
±(10% of rdg)
Voltage TRMS 0 – 550V 1V ±(2% of rdg + 2 digits)
Frequency 0.00Hz – 9.99Hz
10.0Hz – 499.9Hz
±(0.2% of rdg + 1 digits)
Earth Resistance (ET4500 Only) 3 wire 0.00Ω – 19.99Ω
20.0Ω – 199.9Ω
200.0Ω – 9999Ω
±(5% of rdg + 5 digits)
General Data Power Supply 9 VDC (6 x 1.5 V alkaline or rechargeable,
size AA)
Measurement Category CAT III 600V
Protection Classification Double insulation
COM Ports RS232 USB
Weight Approx 1.3kg
Size (L x H x W) 230 x 103 x 115mm
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