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Maxi Genny Kit - Genny4, Mega Mouse, Plug Connector, Clamp & Carry Bag

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Please note that the Genny4 supplied with this pack is made for use with Radiodetection's CAT4 cable avoidance tools (sold separately) in order to operate correctly. These products can be found to the left in the 'You might also be intersted in' box.

This bundle package includes a Radiodetection Genny4 signal generator used for mapping underground utilities that don't generate signals, a mouse accessory, plug connector, signal clamp, M10 spring coupling, M10 cane connector, clamp extension rod and a large carrying bag to hold all of the equipment inside.

Radiodetection Genny4 Signal Generator

Always make sure you're carrying your Genny with you when evaluating ground for underground utilities. This instrument is used in tandem with a CAT (cable avoidance tool) to generate signals that find utilities that don't generate their own signals.

Key Features:

  • Generation of standard 33kHz signal output
  • Small Diameter Locate function for location of telecoms and street lighting
  • Adjustable Signal Boost for location at greater distances and depths
  • Accessory connection socket allows different accessories to be equipped to the unit
  • Runs on 4 x D-Cell batteries
  • Built-in loudspeaker and accessory storage tray
  • Portable design with handle for use out in the field
  • Built for use with the CAT4 range of cable avoidance tools

Mega Mouse Accessory

Self-contained signal transmitter which can be attached to a push-rod to allow detection and tracing of non-metallic pipes or ducts.

Live Plug/Cable Connector

Connect the Genny4 directly to power distribution systems without isolating the supply first.

100mm (4") Clamp

Place around a pipe or cable up to 100mm in diameter to couple Genny4 signals onto a cable or pipe without supply interruption.

Part Code10/MAXIPACK4-UK

Radiodetection Genny4 Technical Specifications

Signal Output Power 0.1W
Signal Boost Output Power 1.0W
Induction Mode Signal Characteristic 33kHz
 Direct Connection/Clamp Signal Characteristic  33kHz & Small Diameter Locate frequency
 Automatic impedance matching on connection 
Batteries 4 x LR20 (D) 1.5V Alkaline
Warranty 12 Months from Purchase
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