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Megger T22/13 Burn Down Unit - 15kV

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Megger's T22/13 is made for locating faults in both low and medium voltage power cables, mains and control cables.

The unit is a current source and will burn down high impedance/intermittent cable faults. It's also made for use in tandem with suitable connection instruments and a time domain reflectometer (TDR) for prelocation with decay/arc reflection methods.

Powerful and robust, the T22/13 has extremely high output power and short circuiting capabilities, making it suitable for converting high impedance and intermittent cable faults into low impedance shunts up to dead short circuits.

Megger T22/13 Burn Down Unit Key Features

  • Current source for locating faults in power/control cables
  • Burn down high impedance/intermittent cable faults
  • Suitable for both low and medium voltage networks to 15kV
  • Protected against the effects of short circuits
  • Burn down power is kept constant via internal circuitry
  • Maximum burn-down current of 25A
  • Burn down voltage continuously variable from 0 to 15kV
  • Indication of both output current and voltage
  • Discharging device for safety
  • Pulse mode for earth leakage
  • Integrated start interlock circuit

What's Included?

  • Megger T22/13 Burn Down Unit
  • Terminal
  • Earth Cable
  • Earth Terminal
  • Double Connection Cable
  • Mains Lead
  • Operation Manual
Part CodeT22/13B15KV

Megger T22/13 Technical Specifications

Power Supply 200/240V; 50Hz
Power Consumption Max 16A - 3.5kVa
Output Voltage Max 15kV
Effective Output Current 300mA
Max Current 25A
Overload Protection On: Mains transformers
Free-wheeling diodes
Earth protection resistor
Pulse Mode Circuit For earth leakage measurement with step voltage probe
Dimensions 548 x 585 x 254mm (19" housing)
Weight Approx 57kg
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