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Metrohm E4540 11kV Analogue Phase Comparator

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This 11kV phase comparator includes two dual rods which allow the determination of the phase relationship between two energised conductors.

Phase comparators in the Metrohm range are available either as visual/audible indication models or have attached analogue meters. This version - the E4540 - comes with a built-in analogue meter with clear indication of out or in phase status.

The E4540 phase comparator is signal driven, meaning it is does not require arming or the use of batteries to operate. It also includes the ability to remove the handgrips from the rods, allowing storage of the unit.

We recommend purchasing an E4540 Proving Unit to accompany this device. This unit is used in combination with the phase comparator to ensure testing accuracy is maintained both before anf after testing.

Metrohm E4540 11kV Analogue Phase Comparator Key Features

  • Suitable for use on 11kV high voltage systems
  • Dual rods allow comparison between two energised conductors
  • Built-in analogue meter with clear indication of phase status
  • High quality durable rods
  • No batteries required for operation
  • Simple to use
  • Detachable handles

Full List of Products Included

  • 11kV High Voltage Phase Comparator
  • 2 Off Handles
  • Polymer Cleaning Kit
  • Instruction Manual
  • Carrying Satchel
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Part CodeE4540

Metrohm E4540 Technical Specifications

Range 11kV
Indication Analogue
Resistor Chain 3MΩ
Tolerance ±5%
Threshold 3.3kV
Response Time Less than one second
Length 770mm
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