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Nocturna Spotter Handheld Infrared Night Vision Camera - 500m Range

Nocturna Spotter Handheld Infrared Night Vision Camera - 500m Range
sku: 600006
MPN: 600006

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  • Night vision viewing at a distance of up to 500m
  • 20x optical zoom
  • Water-resistant casing

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Nocturna Spotter Handheld Infrared Night Vision Camera - 500m Range Details

Gain the advantage in complete darkness with the Nocturna Spotter, a handheld infrared night vision camera.

With identification range of up to 500m, this night vision camera is highly recommended for use in security and outdoor applications. Using 5 integral IR LEDs, the Spotter produces high-quality night vision footage with 25° field of view and no ambient lighting required.

Additional features of this night vision camera include up to 20x optical zoom, operational running time of up to 20 hours and water-resistant casing for use in outdoor conditions.

The Nocturna Handheld Infrared Night Vision Camera can be used as a portable security camera as it is particularly well suited to carrying out surveillance in dark conditions; it is a viable, portable alternative to CCTV. Its dark casing ensures that the Nocturna Spotter remains a hidden camera to potential targets or threats; however, footage detected via the night vision lens can be easily viewed by the operator, ensuring that he/she is protected from unseen dangers.

Finally, this night camera also becomes particularly useful during search and rescue operations. The camera improves the efficiency of these missions; by using these cameras SAR workers may continue to search for stranded individuals into the dark.  

The Nocturna Spotter Handheld Infrared Night Vision Camera is a versatile, portable night camera suitable for a multitude of applications from security and protection to search and rescue. 

Nocturna Spotter Handheld Infrared Night Vision Camera Key Features

  • Handheld solution for seeing through complete darkness
  • Identification range of up to 500m (550 yards)
  • 20x optical zoom
  • 25-degree field of view
  • Operational running time of up to 20 hours
  • No ambient lighting required
  • IR frequency of 850nM
  • 3.5mm 4 pin jack video output
  • 5 integral IR LEDs
  • Water-resistant design
  • Built-in rechargeable 3.5Ah battery
  • Security applications
  • Viable, portable alternative to CCTV
  • Dark casing ensures camera remains hidden to targets and/or potential threats
  • Personal protection
  • Improve efficiency of search and rescue missions
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Part Code: 600006
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