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Ofil DayCor® Uvollé-SC Compact Corona Camera

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The Ofil DayCor® Uvollé-SC Compact Corona Camera is a compact, ergonomic, handheld camera ideal for performing predictive maintenance on high and medium voltage systems and equipment such as:

  • Insulators
  • Bushings
  • Motors
  • Generators
  • Transformers
  • Switchgear

The Ofil DayCor® Uvollé-SC Compact Corona Camera has a sister product: the Ofil DayCor® Uvollé-VC Compact Corona Camera. This camera contains all the same features and can be used for the same applications as the Ofil DayCor® Uvollé-SC Compact Corona Camera, however, the Ofil DayCor® Uvollé-VC is also capable of audio and video capture. For more information, please click here.  

The Ofil DayCor® Uvollé-SC’s combination of patented DayCor® technology, which facilitates complete solar-blind UV detection; as well as its visible camera channel and ability to overlay UV and visible light images to an accuracy of 1 milliradian, makes this instrument ideal for accurately detecting and pinpointing the source of corona and arcing. Its auto and manual focus, visible zoom and UV magnification also aids with the detection and location of partial discharge. The sensitivity of the Ofil DayCor® Uvollé-SC’s cameras has been verified by an independent laboratory thereby ensuring that they are of a suitable high-quality.

The images captured using this camera can be stored on the removable flash drive and consulted at a later date. They are viewable on the Ofil DayCor® Uvollé-SC Compact Corona Camera’s 4.3-inch, reflective, LCD display with a 600 nits backlight. This display allows the user to view vivid, sharp images in both dark and very bright conditions.

Adding to the Ofil DayCor® Uvollé-SC Compact Corona Camera’s adaptability is its IP54 rating and integrated LED torch with two brightness settings. This torch ensures that the camera does not become obsolete in dark environments as it is able to illuminate dark spaces without affecting the corona count.   

As well as locating and capturing images of corona and arc, the Ofil DayCor® Uvollé-SC Compact Corona Camera also includes a UV events counter which records, on-screen, the intensity of detected corona. This is achieved via recording the number of UV events encountered within a particular time frame. This feature is particularly useful when creating reports, researching and/or conducting comparisons.

In addition to its extensive measurement and detection features, the Ofil DayCor® Uvollé-SC Compact Corona Camera has also been designed to be as practical and easy-to-use as possible. It can be operated using a single hand and may be easily carried using a padded shoulder strap.

Furthermore, this instrument includes a simple and intuitive interface with GPS, humidity and temperature options. Using this interface the operator can adjust the settings to suit his/her preferences and/or environment.

Finally, the Ofil DayCor® Uvollé-SC Compact Corona Camera can be used continuously without overheating and is capable of four hours battery operation.

The Ofil DayCor® Uvollé-SC Compact Corona Camera is efficient, practical and accurate, suitable for use across a variety of industries from petroleum to electrical. It is the ideal tool for identifying and locating electrical and/or mechanical faults via detecting partial discharge. 

Ofil DayCor® Uvollé-SC Compact Corona Camera Key Features

  • Compact, handheld corona detection camera with patented DayCor® technology
  • Ideal for performing predictive maintenance on high and medium voltage systems
  • Patented DayCor® technology facilitates solar-blind UV detection
  • Overlay visible and UV images to an accuracy of 1 milliradian
  • Precisely pinpoint and identify corona and arcing
  • Auto and manual focus
  • Visible zoom
  • UV magnification
  • Cameras’ sensitivity has been independently verified
  • Images saved on removable flash drive
  • 4.3”, reflective LCD display with 600 nits backlight
  • IP54
  • Integrated LED torch with two brightness settings
  • Corona count numerically indicates the intensity of detected corona
  • Single hand operation
  • Carried using padded shoulder strap
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • GPS, humidity and temperature interface
  • Adjustable operation settings
  • Use continuously without it overheating
  • 4 hours of battery operation
  • Ideal for identifying mechanical and electrical faults via the detection of partial discharge

What’s Included?

  • Ofil DayCor® Uvollé-SC Compact Corona Camera
  • Close-up Lens
  • Wide FOV lens
  • Coronal Base Reporting Software
  • Temperature and Relative Humidity Meters
  • GPS
  • Inspection Guide
Part Code80800

Ofil DayCor® Uvollé-SC Compact Corona Camera Technical Specifications and Comparison Table

Specification Specification Details Present on the SC (X) Present on the VC (X)
UV-Optical Properties 
Minimum Discharge Detection 1 pC @ 10m (real test by RWE certified: DIN EN 60270 (VDE 0340):2001-08) X X
Minimum RIV Sensitivity 3.6 dBμV @ 1MHz (real test by RWE certified: NEMA 107-1987) X X
Minimum UV Detection 3x10-18watt/cm2 X X
Spectral Range 240-280nm X X
Detector Life Span No degradation X X
UV Frames Integration On | Off X X
Visible-Optical Properties
Minimum Visible Light Sensitivity 0.1 Lux X X
Spectral Range Visible range, Full colour X X
Zoom 10x Optical, 12x Digital X X
Imaging Performance 
Field of View (HxV)

6.4ºx 4.8º

Focus Full manual and autofocus for UV and visible channels X X
Focus Range 1.5m | 4.9ft - infinity (0.5m | 1.6ft with close up lens) X X
UV Zoom 3 steps X X
Image Modes Visible/UV/Combine X X
UV/Visible Overlay Accuracy Deviation < 1 miliradian  X X
Display Transflective sun proof colour LCD 4.3” (800X480 pixels) X X
Status Indicators

Battery, Memory, Gain, Counting, Date, Selected functions, Focus,
Inspection mode , corona color, GPS (access.), Temp & Humidity(access.)

User Configuration Settings

Corona colour (White, Red, Green, Yellow, Purple ) Time, Sleep Mode, LI, LCD

Control and Operation
Working Modes Real time, standby, off X X
Continuous Operation Unlimited. No overheating X X
Control Inputs Keypad and hot keys X X
Mounting Point Standard 1/4” thread tripod mount X X
Torch Built-in, LED, 2 steps X X
Media Capture and Storage
Video Capture X
Stills Capture X X
Digital Storage Removable SD card X X
Video Format AVI X
Stills Format BMP X X
Audio External Microphone X
Playback X Still Pictures X Video and Still Pictures
Output Interface
Video Out (NTSC), GPS, TRH Standard X X
Power Supply
Battery type Li-Ion X X
Battery Run Time 7 hours X X
External Supply DC 7V X X
Nominal Power Consumption 6.5-10.5VDC, 10 Watts X X
Interface RS232 X X
Physical Characteristics
Size (LxWxH) 29x12x8.5 cm | 11.4”x4.7”x3.3” X X
Weight 1.39Kg | 3lb X X
Operating & Storage Temp Range -20ºC up to +55ºC | -4ºF up to +131ºF X X
Encapsulation IP54, Certified X X
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