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Socket and See PDL 310 Part P Multifunction Digital Loop Tester

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The PDL310 is a full 17th edition loop testing instrument that includes the ability to measure PFC, mains voltage, correct wiring and correct polarity.

The loop tester includes an integrated LCD screen for exact measurement of the parameter being tested, and it also comes in with built-in LED indicators that are designed to showcase the internal configuration of whatever wiring is currently being tested. The wiring test is able to detect missing E or N (>15kΩ), L-E and L-N swaps, live-earth/neutral reversal and it is also able to carry out phase neutral voltage measurements with accuracy of ±1%±1V.

When performing loop tests the PDL310 features no trip mode 3 wire testing and utilises a test current of <15mA at 253VAC. It also features three separate measurement ranges: 0.00 to 9.99, 10.00 to 99.9 and 100.0 to 500Ω.

Socket and See PDL310 4-in-1 Loop Tester

  • 4-in 1 – measures loop, mains voltage, correct wiring, correct polarity
  • No-trip loop test technology
  • Protected against accidental phase to phase connection
  • Instant readout of PFC (Prospective Fault Current)
  • SOK32 wiring configuration
  • Accurate mains voltage measurements

Full List of Products Included

  • Socket and See PDL310
  • 13A Plug to IEC Female Connector
  • Instruction Manual
  • Carrying Case
Part CodeSOC/PDL310
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