Earthing Reels - Antistatic (8 Products)

Anti static earthing reels - or grounding reels - are used generally in petrochemical onshore and offshore oil refinery environments, tanker loading and offloading facilities where there must be a method to dissipate and prevent a build up of static electricity to prevent explosion. Locations such as aviation for aircraft, plane and helicopter fuelling also have a requirement for static discharge prior to loading / offloading fuel.

The retractable earthing reels come in different types of case such as polycarbonate or steel. There are also weatherproof versions. The earthing clamps come in two different types standard or explosion proof ATEX approved clamps.

Although some reels are not explosion proof some of the earth bonding clamps are. The reel can be mounted outside the flameproof area. If you need advice on the correct earthing reel for your application please feel free to give us a call and we'll answer all of your questions.

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